Akashiya Sanma [Galler for Juniors] !!

On the 29th, comedian Akashiya Sanma (63) appears on the MBS radio “MBS Young Town”. Performers Yoshimoto performed at a party hosted by anti-social forces without passing through the office, and spoke of their thoughts on the “dark business” problem of receiving money.

At the beginning of the program, “I can not do it because I did not do it” and I concluded the contract, stopped the activity, and convicted the juniors who were forced into imminent sanctions.

On the other hand, the comedian “Karateka” Iya Shinya (42), who has been taken over by the party that became the beginning of this turmoil and has been canceled from Yoshimoto Kogyo, is now presented with rare goods such as soccer goods “I’m really indebted to you,” he said, “I think I would have refused if I was asked.” He also showed a part that cares for juniors, saying “11 (disposal) were asked from the cove …”.

In addition, the middle-class performers from long ago, “I want you to raise the gala, please let me say (to the company) from Sanma” “I think that something will work if Sanma moves,” negotiate with the company etc It was said that he had been asked to have him

In response to this, it was revealed that he had directly talked to Yoshimoto’s president, saying “I raised the gallery a little more.” Continued, “If the gallery goes up, it doesn’t have to go to work like that,” said, while sympathizing with the junior performer, complaining about the danger that cheap gallery would lead to “dark business” .


Akashiya Sanma commented on the black business problem.

Akashiya Sanma located at the top of the pyramid of Yoshimoto Kogyo,

I commented on the black business problem.

It is not necessary to go to the suspicious sales if the gallery of the junior is up

That’s just a straight-forward solution.

Akashiya Sanma [Not like that? 】I mean

I feel that it is a highly targeted solution.

And I also talked to the office directly,

Didn’t you bring up the ideal action?

Please raise the gallery of the junior,

In the wording

Because my gallery may be reduced a little

Because the nuance of that is included,

The spirit of self-sacrifice is great.

As a result, the senior’s gallery is reduced.

If the junior side does not improve anything,

The office will be completely black.

Of course it’s a problem for the involved performers,

Why does the atmosphere seem to say that the office is clean enough?

It is important that seniors tell



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