Syunputei Shouta, general women and [marriage] !!

On June 30, a part of the NTV system “laugh points” (Sunday 5:30 pm) will be live, and it will be announced that Shouta Syunputei, 59, will be married.

At the end of the partially live broadcast program, Shota said, “I finally got married. What happened before the 60th anniversary! (The other person) is human!”

Then appeared in the same station “Bunkisha!” A person who does not wear Japanese-style glasses on the other hand. She showed off her portraits and said, “The eyes are patchy.”

Shouta just decided to be the president of the Rakugo Art Association on June 27th and said, “Life is a force, so I want to ride on this wave. My first problem is that I have no companion. I want to try to solve it quickly “I was talking. I escaped from a single character in a word execution.

Shota was born in Shizuoka Prefecture. After going to Tokai University of Literature, in 1982 introduced to the spring breeze Noboru Yanagi. The name of the first seat is Shun-hachi, and he was promoted to the second in 86.

Shoutaru Harukaze announced marriage.

It is a spring breeze Shouta who has been active in characters without a long time bride,

It is a character collapse at last.

Aren’t many surprised at the age of 59?

It looks very young.

And apparently the other woman is 40 years old,

It means that nearly 20 years old is away.

If you are 20 years old, it seems that you will not agree with the story,

There will be things like compatibility beyond the age difference.

It will be treated from now on



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