Ame Talk, Hotohara alone [continue] !!

On the 2nd, Tokyo Asahi Roppongi held the regular president interview, and the crown program “Ametoroke” with the appearance of “Raining decision dead team” Hiroyuki Miyasako (49) in the black business at the scam group meeting For the time being, he announced that Toru Hotohara (51) will be the facilitator (MC). I denied the end of the show. Kameyama Keiji, president and COO explained, “I am not thinking about the discontinuation at present. I would like to judge carefully while looking at the situation in the future.” It is assumed that the change of the program name is not considered either.

Nishishin, who is in charge of organizing, said, “We will consider using MC (of firefly field) and another talent as a guest depending on the plan.” He is an assistant to MC, but he emphasized that he is “yes” when asked, “Only MC is Mr. Hotaruhara?”

Hotaruhara has also made preparations. I feel that it is thanks to “Miyasako” that the combination is sold. “Ame Talk”, also a crown program, is a program that I really want to protect for the return of Miyasako. One broadcaster spoke of Firefly’s thoughts, “Mr. Hotaruhara is originally strong in Shin. I’m thinking about what I can do now, and I can do everything I can.”

Hotaruhara is also treated as a plenary dismissal with Karateka Shinya Ie (42), who has been suspended by Y. Fukushima’s “Galito Chu”, and has contracted the contract with Yoshimoto Kogyo. Also hurts my heart. Garritchu will be in charge of the work called “prelude” to enliven the studio before recording the program until three years ago. For the scandals related to the Fukushima only, the broadcaster mentioned above, “Is Mr. Miyasako thinking about Mr. Hotaruhara’s feelings? Really reflect on it and apologize also to the victims,” ​​Misogi ” I want you to do it, “he urged the fierce ministry.

After the problem was discovered, in the program, sponsor companies withdrew commercials and replaced public advertisements. When asked, “What is your intention for claiming damages from the office ?,” the West director only said, “We will keep comments as we are dealing with transactions.”

«One MC also MC テ レ tele morning is a meeting, also about the“ London Hearts ”(Tuesday 11 · 20) where Rei Tamura (47) of“ London Boots No. 1 and No. 2 ”is on the verge of concern with the dark business problem as well I denied the termination. It is also said that Tamura Minoru (45), who is also my partner, will act as MC alone.

«“ After the rain disappears ”Kansai TV will change the title of“ After the Rain’s Photo Bure ”(Kansai Local, 6.30 on Saturday), which will be a regular on the day after the Rain-up Decay Corps, will be“ Photo Bure ”from the broadcast on the 6th I announced. It is the first time that a combination name has disappeared from the program name. As a substitute for Miyasako, Akira Kawashima (40) of “I do not care” for the 6th broadcast on the 6th, and a broadcast for the 13th will appear. It has already been recorded.

The Ame Talk discontinuation has been avoided.

As it is just raining out because only the Miyasako of the decision after death team is out,

There is no sin in Hote-chan.

As it is a program where the talk gets excited mainly by performers,

Isn’t it possible to maintain sufficient quality even with a single chairman of Firefly?

It would not be a claim for what to do if we eliminated the problematic members.

It seems that Miyasako intended to continue her work, but

As expected, the surrounding situation has changed too much.

Pity to Hotch



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