Natsuna, on YouTube [game real condition]!

Actress Natsuki Natsumi has been talking about the live game delivered by her YouTube account “Natsunikan”.

Speaking of Natsuna, YouTuber debuted on May 23, 2019, his own 30-year-old birthday. In the first installment program such as the talk program recorded in the pub was originally distributed mainly with the talk program, but the live video will be shown in the ninth movie released on June 20. Natsumi appeared in the video, in 1988 after looking back at “the game crush” such as what kind of video game he has played so far and had played the game for up to 20 hours a day, etc. Began playing “Super Mario Brothers 3” released.

“I was no use at all anymore”

Natsuna who plays the game for the first time in 25 years (?). Because of that, for a moment we missed the mushroom of the power-up item, and some crows were spotted in how to move Mario. Even so, they reached stage 6 of World 1 while playing their own game, and while playing on the same stage, they hit the shell that they bounced off and hit the game over.

When the continue screen is displayed, Natsusa is “Ogata” and Bosori. After a moment of silence, she screamed “Ksouk!” And “That’s difficult …” Potsuri. In addition, he lamented his unrivaled play, saying, “I was completely defeated at all. I was a addict.” “Super Mario Bros. is completely defeated.”

In addition, it is the game screen that was displayed on the main during the game play of Natsuna, but the appearance of Natsuna is also displayed on the lower right of the screen although it is small, and in the main video, Natsuna’s It does not disappear and it is understood that it is the program composition which pushed Natsumi to the front.

After this, Natsuna released live video of the new game on June 27th and 30th. The 27th is the live status of “Puyan” (released in 1982), and the 30th is the release of his manager Itoh (voice only) and the “balloon fight” (arcade version released in 1984). It was a video that confronted in In the comments section of these videos, there are many fans’ cheers such as “You’re a woman who likes games.” There is also a voice that evaluates their aptitude, and it is clear that they are well received.

Speaking of the actual condition of the game on YouTuber by actress …

The game of Mr. Natsusa’s game of great success as early as possible. In addition to the voices mentioned above, “If such a person gives a live video, it’s the strongest,” and if actress Natsumi can play a live game, there is acclaimed that it is a gold pole to a demon.

In addition, in response to the element “Actual in YouTuber in the actress and the game,” or in these videos, “I want you to collaborate with Tonda Honda someday (aspirations)” “A collaboration with Tsubasa Honda ,, please There are also users who want to collaborate with actress Tsubasa Honda (27) who is also YouTuber, such as “I’m sorry.”

Certainly, it was reported on May 21 that Natsumi’s debuting on YouTuber was “following Tsubasa Honda,” “I’m feeling a fake of Honda,” “Because I like the game like Honda Tsubasa” The voice that competes with Mr. Honda has become one after another on the Internet bulletin board. So, let’s compare the characteristics of Natsuka and Honda’s game.

Mr. Natsuna will be saying, “We are in the midst of playing retro games and are updated frequently. Also, they are recorded videos.” All the games being played are retro games, and the appearance of Natsuna does not disappear from the video. In addition, three new works have been uploaded in 11 days, and the frequency of renewal is high.

Honda, on the other hand, can be said to be “live without an appearance on the online game, with a low frequency of updates, and live distribution.” Mr. Honda made his YouTuber debut on September 22, 2018, but until now, the game has been held once a month or so. All played are online games. In addition, Mr. Honda did not appear at all in the video, and it was a voice-only appearance.

If you look at it this way, you can see that its features are quite different, even in the same game situation. It doesn’t know if collaboration will be realized or competition will occur if so far, but it seems that there are many fans who want both parties to meet somewhere.

It seems that Natsuna is playing the game.

A little while ago, Tsubasa Honda’s YouTube became a topic,

This also seems to attract attention.

It feels a little painful to do YouTube as a job in the office,

If it can be delivered happily by one’s own taste

That’s a happy thing.

However, in the days when this dark sales are reported,

How is the profit obtained on YouTube distributed?

Wearing with my own appearance,

Is there a problem if delivery affects TV ratings?

From now on, such things may become an argument.

After all, it is an age when television is not healthy,

The television official is in a state where it has been

You will be watching the contract contents.

Atsushi Tamura at Ronha

Not same as | ω ·)


Because it affects the sponsors, etc.

Will it be time for TV to hate YouTube?

If it’s like that, the television industry

True last time

It will become.

Bringing celebrities to YouTube



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