Nozomi Tsuji, height is dropped by her eldest daughter!

Former Morning Musume. Nozomi Nozomi (31) updated her own instagram on the 4th, and reported that she was overtaken by her 6th grader’s first daughter, Nozomi.

Aoi said, “Summerly, I said,” Mama uso! ” up. On top of that, he said, “Who smiles. Little! Sweat,” says Nozora’s taller.

Furthermore, using a hashtag, “I lost 32 years old,” “C The
Nozomi Nozomi was overtaken in height.

It is a mini moni that my eldest daughter is pulled out at the time of primary schoolchild.

If you look at the image
Not to mention height,
It looks strange and strange in scale.

Because I think that it was attractive as an idol because it was small and pretty.
That may be a talent.

Isn’t the recent Japanese children getting bigger and bigger?

Morning Musume’s Only Winning Team



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