Uehara Takako, inside the [traitor] spreads on flames?

Although it should be secretly reported only to the member, it is a false explosion that makes mistakes in settings and accounts and makes it widely available to the general public. Secretly is generally a secret story, and is only a good material on the flames such as the public presentation. That said, if it is safe to set it so that only one’s relatives and friends can view it, this is not so confusing.

Takako Uehara, who posted a message to SNS on Mother’s Day in May, had a “keyed” that could only be viewed by authorized users in advance, but the content leaked and flared up .

In other words, there were entertainers and traitors inside.

Uehara posted a slightly “Mother’s Day. A day when she was called Mother. Thank you”, about 10 characters. However, as this leaks and diffuses, it can be blamed. When the husband at that time committed suicide in 2014, the major cause was Uehara’s infidelity, and it was said that it was called “Mother,” as it was said that children could not be behind the infidelity. There were many people who had a sense of incongruity as written “thank you”.

She was fingered up like a selfish figure who was dumbly with herself who became a new life and mother while putting her ex-husband to death.

It is almost impossible to know the truth, although it is possible for an external unrelated person to guess what is actually happening in another’s home, with ample imagination.

But when it comes to spreading on the net, it’s enough if there’s a shocking hook that actually fuels the fact. In the case of Uehara, when affair is discovered, it is reported that the other party has sent a message saying “Let’s make two children,” and there is a “superfamily” who gave a shock.

That is why there is no choice but to criticize escalating, such as “What do you think if a family (of the deceased ex-husband) sees?”

Thousands and tens of thousands of diffusions took place immediately, but Uehara did not respond. It is not a bad idea to leave it alone because you are offended by an unrelenting scorn by someone who doesn’t know your face or your name, and you just spend an unpleasant and wasted time when you’re badly acquainted with the flame.

However, there was a person who put an extra word here. The flames of Uehara’s Mother’s Day post were rather overwhelmed by the fact that it was a real production and became widely known to the world, and it was really unnecessary because it had developed until it lost its place in the real world. The


It seems that the post by Takako Uehara got on

However, this person will burn up no matter what content it sends.

This is a post in a boxed account with a trusted member.

That it has been barred,

It means that there is a traitor inside.

The members in the key were very limited

It seems to be people with credibility,

It seems that the shock is large that the information is leaked.

Is that exactly what a modern-day ninja-like person is crept in?

Even if the human relationship is surrounded by a key,

I do not know how the relationship between individuals will change,

The counterattack of the moment you become an enemy is horrible.

Uehara Takako is burning up no matter what he says right now,

It is best not to post anything.

I am not supporting you separately, so

I do not suggest a solution.

Modern version Ninja



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