Regard to the end of August [Summer vacation] !?

With Yosuke Matsuo (42), “Sabunguru” who had been “dismissed” at the year-end party of the scam group, with Hiroyuki Miyasako of “Ameage Decisive Corps” and Satoshi Tamura of “London Boots No. 2”, etc. Watanabe Ayumi, who belongs to his office, announced that Ayumi Kato (44) will have a quiet period until the end of August.

“It is said that during the quiet period, we will do volunteer activities and office work support for the office. In addition, it is clear that the two people received 75,000 yen each, and they already reported that they had been corrected through a tax accountant.” Reporter)

There are pros and cons about this on the Net etc, but there are voices such as “It’s not a prudent, just a summer vacation …”.

“The firm will gain a certain level of understanding by showing its commitment to thorough compliance and prevention of recurrence, but with a strong eye on Yoshimoto Kogyo. Because of the large number and lack of contracts, it would be difficult to do something like Watanabe. ”

The honor of Zavguru has reached the end of August.

If the term is fixed, will it be easy for them to reactivate?

For this quiet period

Summer vacation | ω ·)

The voice seems to be rising,

There are places where the correct answer is a bit difficult for a mild period.

It is a fact that I committed taboo as an entertainer who appears on TV.

I can not help but understand the feelings that I was invited by my seniors.

As it is to do volunteer activity during fair period well, so

It does not seem to play, but

When it is September when the quiet period until August is over,

Do you want me to be active on TV again?

If you are asked,

I do not particularly think so.

Cause a problem

Would you like to be on the TV with a liarless feeling?

Is it necessary time?

I personally think.

As the current position is negative,

Return minus to plus,

I want you to do my best to make the audience happy.

While crying, let’s do apology about once



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