Akimoto Yasushi’s theater company business, 【Department Consecutive!

On the 3rd, “Theatrical Company 4 Dollars 50 Cent”, produced by Yasuko Akimoto, a tag producer of music producers, with Avex, performed on the stage in front of the Harajuku station in Tokyo on the first day of the “We are not there” , Each sports paper reported.

According to each paper, leader Okada Honosuke, starring Yukawa Ayana, Fukushima Yukina, Uekiya Satoshi, will attend the meeting. When asked about the two years since their formation and their enthusiasm for the performance, Fukushima shed tears suddenly, saying, “Some children have left the theater group in various environments …”.

Fukushima said, “This is not a theater company, but there are also children who want to be in the world of entertainment, so we all have the feeling that we want to work hard to burn our fighting spirit and do our best.”

The company started with 31 members selected from around 5,000 in the audition in 2017, but now 22 people. On June 30, two people, Miha Itohara, who had starred in the kite performance, left the group and on the 31st, four had left.

“Mr. Akimoto was passionately set up with a lot of passion and was trying to grow into a top entertainment group in Japan, but there are few real problems, the number of performances, and just like a regular theater company, it can not live as a theater alone It seems that there were a lot of members who thought they could break more because there was Mr. Akimoto’s back-up, and there were a series of retired people, suffering from the gap between the ideal and the reality.

Speaking of Akimoto, it seems that it is impossible to focus solely on theatrical companies, as it has expanded the production of the AKB 48 group and the Sakado series and the production of the newly formed band.

“If this situation continues to increase, and if the situation does not produce much profit, it is likely that it is likely to decline the withdrawal” (entertainment reporter)

Uneasy days are likely to continue for the remaining troupe members.


It seems that there are many retired members from the Akimoto Yasushi theater company.

As a member who has won out of 5000 auditions,

Something bright

I think they are the people who felt

Reality seems tough.

Even though there is a backup of Yasumoto Akimoto,

It is not a sweet world that will make all the theater members famous.

People who belong to a small theater company

Because we are working without being covered in such news,

It is more severe, isn’t it?

You should earn more environmentally than anonymous groups,

It is said that I suffer from passing an audition,

There may be many people who are amazed by the drop.

If you think of a company,

If you look around 100 people and become one person famous

Because you might be thinking like

It is also easy to quit when you think differently

It may be a wise choice in a sense.

The theater company members are very difficult



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