Impact of soda flavor [blue crab]

Light blue soda flavored crab bite-. Issaika will release such summer-limited new products from August 1st.

The soda flavor of the company’s crab bite “salad sticks” will be released only for one month in August. Last year, the company launched “Saladstick Setouchi lemon flavor”, which features a bright yellow color, and it has a positive impact on SNS etc., but this time it focused on the “light blue” with a refreshing feeling, and a perfect product in summer was born.

This bright water color uses a plant-derived pigment (gardenia). The company is appealing that “the color of the box lunch and the character valve material” insta shine “is definitely!”.

It seems that a blue crab bean is released.

You have a very intense visual.

I’m likely to lose my appetite

It is a joke product that is completely targeted for topic | ω ·)

However, the crab fish that we usually see

Crab is not used


There is no reason red.

It means that red is also colored,

Is red good and blue bad?

If it is said that there is no way of reply.

We have already accepted red, so

Let’s have the blue one delicious too.

Just soda flavor is fun



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