Shimada Shinsuke is Miyaseako [rage] or is it?

Hiroyuki Miyasako (49) of the “Rainfall Decisive Corps” who has joined the anti-social group’s party and received a one million yen gala and has become “a stateless punishment”. Compared with other performers who have been disposed of at the same time, the impact on the world of entertainment is immeasurable only to the selling children who have many regulars.

Some weekly magazines reported that such a disturbance by Miyasako was exasperated by Mr. Shinsuke Shimada (63), who is the same former Yoshimoto Kogyo as Miyasako. Mr. Shimada retired eight years ago in close contact with a gang in August 2011.

According to the article, Shinsuke had a plan to appear as a guest at the “legislative counseling center”, which is just after this year’s “24 hour television” broadcast. It was a plan of the upper part of the organization called “S Project” in Nitto Tele Bureau, but the project has been hailed by this disturbance. Shinsuke was angry that she was tearful and angry at Miyasako, who became Shinkan’s successor in the procession, in particular, saying, “My lessons have not been used at all by junior artists.” A TV stationer talks by hiding his voice.

“It is true that Shinsuke’s return plan was being kept secretly. I heard that it was considered that it was considered that he had come to see by chance while sitting in the seat, so that the viewer’s reaction etc. There was also an intention to raise the observation balloon to return, but this time, the plan was immediately discontinued. ”

The reason for Shinsuke’s retirement is that at the time, three shot photographs of Kiyoshi Takayama, Wakayama of the designated violence group Yamaguchi-Gumi, and Chairman Hirofumi Hashimoto of the Japan Association of Super-Minds were splintered in the photo magazine. “I thought I was safe in my own,” said in tears, but the outflow of photos supporting the close relationship while the movement to establish gang exclusion rules spreads is fatal. “I want to live quietly as a general person from tomorrow,” he said, and then he often reported how he lived in an Onna village apartment in Okinawa.

“Shinsuke owns several real estates in Kyoto, Osaka, Tokyo, etc., and seems to be coming and going. It is said that the face-to-face” does not return “, but the interaction with the famous junior artist is It seems that they are continuing, and because of the long-awaited return to the market, they are thinking that they have a chance, rather than just being there. “(Wide Show Entertainment Desk)

But the plan is completely jealous. Both Miyazaki itself and the outskirts are likely to remain far from “rainy”.

Shimada Shinsuke seems to be angry at Miyasako.

If I think it’s a preacher as an entertainer,

It seems like a rage due to his resurrection being far away.

That Shimada Shinsuke revives and wants to appear on TV,

Are you sane?

Perfect black past human being

Please live quietly somewhere as it is.

If Yoshimoto Kogyo was thinking about revival of Shimada Shinsuke,

It is almost the same sin.

Depending on the way of thinking of this time Miyasako,

If it stopped the revival of Shimada Shinsuke,

that is

Miyasako’s only achievements | ω ・)

It looks good though.

It is a place where I want you to wake up to Yoshimoto Kogyo in this matter.

Shimada Shinsuke does not need



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