Former Fuji TV Daiki Tanaka, office trouble at [Woman trouble]!

Takaki Tanaka (39), who retired from Fuji TV and transferred to Oscar Promotion, a major performing agency with Ryoko Yonekura and others. He found out that he had caused a woman trouble and turned the Oscar into “Kubi” in late June in the coverage of “Wankan Bunshun”.

The start of the women’s trouble was a joint venture held on a business trip in mid-June. Tanaka joins with one junior male. The other women were two women, one of whom was a graduate student.

“The drinking party started in the evening and opened at around 8:30. It seems that the girl student was quite drunk, and Tanaka took him to the room of the hotel where he stayed. It seems that it was about one hour later “(Office official)

A few days later, it was said that the mother of a female student called at the office, saying, “I was attacked by Mr. Tanaka.”

“The mother seems to be a great swordsman saying that” the police are complaining to the police, too. “As soon as the office interviewed Tanaka, Tanaka denies the relationship between men and women, but the office that saw the situation heavily , The next day with the cancellation of the contract “” (same as before)

What happened to the closed room at the hotel? When I asked Oscar, I just answered, “There was an act that violates the contract, and I got the contract canceled,” but I did not give details.

Once again, I asked Tanaka about women’s troubles.

“It is not a fact at all. I certainly drank with the woman, but she said,” I can’t go home in a drunk state, “so I took it to my hotel room and made me drink water. There is no relationship between men and women, but I am sorry that the side was sweet about having entered under one roof. ”

Tanaka is married to a former model wife in 2009 and has a girl.

Mr. Takayoshi Tanaka is now in office.

After completely intoxicating a woman,

It is an act of bringing in.

It is a story that what the 39 fathers are doing.

Besides, it is a fool not to be able to save because you got married and have children.

I knew that this person was on Fuji TV,

From that time

I’m trying to look cool even though I’m not handsome

It was an appearance full of inconspicuousness | ω ·)

Women’s team is two joint members

[Don’t do something about it]

Take care of only one person,

Isn’t it too uncomfortable?

The person seems to deny it,

What are you going to do?

It might have been free and in tune, but

Unfortunately it is goodbye.

My face is shady



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