A man who fell into Niagara Falls is alive!

At the Niagara Falls on the border between the United States and Canada, one man was injured by falling from the falls on the morning of the 9th. Canadian police revealed.

According to the Niagara Park police, a policeman in Ontario has rushed to report that one man is in danger at the Horseshoe Falls, one of the Niagara Falls.

The man climbed the quay and was washed away by the waterfall and fell to the Niagara River about 57 meters below.

A man was found by the police sitting on a rock on the riverbank. He was taken to a hospital because he was injured, but according to the police, there is no exception to his life.

According to the Niagara Park Service website, the waterfall pot is generally 30 meters deep. Horseshoe Falls is the largest of the three falls that make up the Niagara Falls.


It seems that a man has fallen to Niagara Falls.

It is one of the top tourist destinations in the world,

Some equipment is in place,

You should not fall if you act normally.

When it comes to falling into Niagara Falls,

It is a pre-risk issue,

It should be real desperate, but

I think I’m really lucky.

It means that there is no other way to life,

This man will spend his life in the future.

The power of good luck is amazing



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