Ryota Murata, 2R-TKO win 【Treasure recapture】 !!

Boxing double world war takes place at Edion Arena Osaka on the 12th, and former WBA world middleweight title match Ryota Murata (33 = Teikoku), who is 4th in the same class, wins to Rob Brant (28 = US) Times TKO win. After revival in the rematch of the 266th day from the throne in Las Vegas, he recovered his lost belt.

Last October, the first match in Las Vegas was scored 8-10 points and lost 0-3. Feeling “98%” leaned to retirement. But when I asked myself, “Is that boxing good enough to be successful?”, The answer was no.

A rematch with the stage being moved from Las Vegas to Osaka, which is close to Nara. “I wonder if this will be my last match, or will I be asked to see Murata more?” The reign of the Japanese who relegated from the world throne in the rematch was 14 times in the past and only four successes were “troubles”, but it has been successfully surpassed.


Ryota Murata has recaptured the throne.

While being a fan of me

I watched on TV.

It is to fight again with the opponent who lost last time,

Is it the end of your career if you lose?

It was an important battle.

We won TKO in 2R.

The other party thinks that Murata comes in a guard strategy,

We attacked positively from the beginning, but

It was a half and half round as Murata responded.

It was a game in which the strategy to see if it could attack or the situation divided the victory and defeat.

It can be said to each other,

After all, are you nervous and nervous?

That is my opinion.

Boxing is a very simple sport that decides whether to win or lose,

Besides strong and weak,

Environment and tactics are also very important.

In a battle where the outcome is clearly divided,

Even if it was a fan, it was very impressive.

Sports are great.

Operation victory



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