Limousine at Naha Airport 【All!】

There was a fiery fire burning at Naha Airport in Okinawa Prefecture.

At around 2:30 pm on the 13th, a fire brigade was notified that “a car is burning on the road in contact with the airport parking lot” on the road inside Naha Airport. The fire was extinguished after about an hour, but the limousine that was coming to pick up the customers was burned down. One driver was riding, but there was no injury. According to the driver, it says that “the smoke came out from the front of the car and the fire came out more and more after stopping the car on the road shoulder”. The roads around the area are temporarily congested with traffic restrictions and congestion.

It seems that the limousine was burned down at Naha Airport.

It’s a story I don’t listen to, but

Is there anything that the limousine will burn up?

Was it not well maintained?

Even though it is a limousine with a driver,

The owner will buy a new luxury car.

Was it a limousine to enjoy your vacation in Okinawa?

I wonder what kind of person the owner is.

Maintenance is important



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