Miyasako [1 million yen]Ryo received! The number is half a million!

The problem that Yoshimoto Kogyo’s affiliation talents participated in the transfer fraud group’s party in the “Dark Sales” that does not go through the company, Hiroyuki Miyasako of the Rain Up Judgment Corps is 1 million yen, and Tamura Minoru of London Boots No. 2 It was learned on the 12th that he had received 500,000 yen.

The other talents are said to be tens of thousands of yen, and corrected tax declarations respectively. By the same day, Yoshimoto has donated a total of ¥ 3 million to two NPO corporations, including support for consumer groups, as part of compensation. Yoshimoto officials clarified.

In this issue, talents were asked to work directly, and Yoshimoto did not know the client. For this reason, Yoshimoto will create a new “joint confirmation” that defines reporting of all the jobs requested by the talent to the company, and will be signed by approximately 6,000 all talents belonging in July. .

In the confirmation letter, it was clearly stated that the company should thoroughly investigate the existence of the relationship between the client and the anti-social forces that could be identified. It also prohibits exchanges with gangsters and related parties of gangster companies, mentions compliance training, confidentiality, and respect for intellectual property rights. In order to prevent discriminatory remarks, we also decided to “understand and fully use the dangers” as troubles can occur with careless remarks about SNS.

According to executives, it is the first time to exchange such documents with all the talents to which Yoshimoto Kogyo belongs.

Five years ago, Miyasako and others attended a banquet of a wire fraud group. Also, two members of the Slim Club attended a meeting of gangsters three years ago. They all receive money in a request that does not pass Yoshimoto, and they are treated with discretion.


Miyasako’s fraud group reward has become clear.

Apparently Miyasako is 1 million yen,

¥ 500,000 for Rombu’s bowl,

HG 100,000 yen,

And other performers seem to feel like tens of thousands of yen.

For those who were paid a lot of money and those who were not,

What should be the period of care?

You are anxious.

And this reward of 1 million yen,

From the scam group,

Was it not huge enough to fly?

Were other rewards given to you?

Did you really not know?

Will be the focus of the future.


Accidentally in the fraud group,

That one time expensive reward,

I did not know that the other party was anti-company.

I think it’s sweet as an excuse.

Such a dark business

Went on a daily basis

Isn’t it natural to think?

I think it is a type that keeps lying as it is convenient from now on |

The price of a lie



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