Ninomiya Kazunari, home specified by the fan [moving]?

Ninomiya Kazunari who is reportedly related to former free announcer Reiko Ito in ‘Seven Women’ in ’16, and is said to be close to marriage. Last April, they reported that they were living together at Ninomiya’s home apartment in Tokyo, but the change is in such “love’s nest”.

“Recently, Ninomiya-san and Ito-san have completely disappeared. Until the beginning of this year, I often saw two people in the parking lot of the apartment, but …. Among the residents, they already moved. It is rumored to be “” (a resident who lives in the same apartment as Ninomiya)

The two lived in this apartment.

“There is no way I will walk together, but I often saw two people with shopping bags in the parking lot. There was no particular warning and it looked like a couple.” Mansion Resident)

There is such a background to disappear from a familiar home.

“It has been bashing from the fans of Ninomiya Kun on the internet since before. Some of the radical fans identified his home and exposed his address etc. I felt the danger of myself. “I wonder if you moved” (Wide show official)

Now, I am fostering love in my new home without worrying about my surroundings?

It seems that Kazuya Ninomiya moved.

It’s strange that moving a secret secret will be such an article,

The top idol, Tondemo fan, is almost a criminal act.

Where do the people who support me live?

It may be something you think somehow in the world of imagination,

Actually trying to identify,

Tondemo that information will be released to the world | ω ·)

Isn’t it okay to admit this as a criminal act?

I do not know whether the cause is a grudge or something,

It would be nice if the police cracked down before it developed into an outrageous incident.

No longer a crime



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