For overseas affairs of Ms. Mako [blank overnight] !?

It has been two months since the imperial family was born. The Akishima-miya and his wife recently performed their first overseas official visit as a royal palace. This month, we are also expecting a visit by our eldest daughter, Ms. Riko, to South America, but the “Omuro problem” carried over from Heisei only deepens confusion and there are only a few more hours left ….

After the return of the Akishima Palaces, they will be replaced in order to visit the two countries of Peru and Bolivia, commemorating the 120th anniversary of Japanese migration.

“Our departure is on the 9th, and we will go to the first visiting country Peru via Houston in the United States. We will leave the capital Lima on the 14th and enter La Paz, the capital of Bolivia. Departing from the second city of Santa Cruz, it will be a major trip back home on the 22nd after passing through Miami and Los Angeles. ”

Returning to Los Angeles, it’s a good idea to spend an overnight stay at transit, and what is being discussed here is the “contact” with Mr. Komuro.

“Always security is on during public affairs, but when staying in transit, you can spend relatively freely without any restrictions.”

Is a member of the Miyauchi Office. In fact, until now,

“When I visited Brazil last July, I will be staying in New York for one night and visiting the American Museum of Natural History on the west side of Central Park in my spare time.”

The setting up for the “secret meeting” was in place

It is unclear whether the “future map” of living with the darling in the land has overwhelmed Ms. Yuko’s mind, but Mr. Komuro is now in the middle of summer vacation. In preparation for the Fordham University Law School “JD Course”, which will be opened in September, he has been studying hard in the United States without returning home temporarily. According to the person concerned,

“Even now, I am in contact with Ms. Ayako through SNS. Both of them are not feeling that they are shaking. Ross is a town where Komuro, who studied abroad at UCLA, knew himself. There is also a Japanese female lawyer who once supported living abroad, and she is also acquainted with Ms. Ayako. ”

The setting up of the secret meeting seems to be completely in order.

“Since we postponed marriage in February last year, we and security personnel have been taking” a Supreme Order “not to leave Junko and Mr. Komuro alone. Still, Mr. Komuro People who don’t know what to do if it happens, we are not too bothered. ”

A person who knows the circumstances of the Akisu Palace family says.

“In the conference held on June 21, the Highness was stated that” I did not hear the story from my daughter (about the prospect of marriage) “, but it is not that the conversation has been cut off at the palace. No, every day greetings and public affairs meetings are as always done by the Highness and Highness of Princesses, but the only thing about Komuro’s topic is the question “What is it all about?” It is possible to stimulate your mind if you insist on mischief, which will make you feel even harder, because you know it a lot. ”

It is far from being a situation where Mr. and Mrs. are continuing persuasion before Mr. Reiko. This party continues,

“I feel that the Highness, who should originally lead the way to give up the marriage with a strong desire to jealousy Reiko, feels swaying. At the birthday conference last November,” A lot of people are convinced and pleased He said that if he did not do it, he could not do the ceremony of the delivery, but he called for a great response, but later this statement leaked out to the surroundings that he wanted to show the same stance as the people of the people. ”

Though it is said that such an idea has not changed now,

“It is quite fine to be able to place high priority on the public’s understanding, but I think that it is the first decision to show your judgment of the Highness himself, but at the moment the Highness visits you as if he has made that decision. “(same)

It is not difficult to imagine that even if the sky is a foreign country, the figure of Ms. Yuzu is overwhelmed.

The limit is next April

In the first place, the biggest cause of the postponement of the marriage of the two people is nothing but the problems that Komuro’s mother Ms. Fuyo has. Between last year’s fiancee, Mr. Yamada (a pseudonym), it was the end of the last year that a financial trouble exceeding 4 million yen was discovered. Flow when the remains prospect does not stand in the resolution, is Komuro’s in late January this year,

<Mother and I have understood that support from the former fiancee is a resolved matter>


<We are prepared to make efforts to get the consent of those who are worried about>

Publish the document which spelled etc. At the same time, a letter was sent to Mr. Yamashiro from the side of Mr. Kayo who indicated his intention to respond to the discussion.

When I ask Mr. Yamada again, the agent takes over,

“There has been no concrete movement since then. I asked if I met my partner earlier this spring, but Mr. Yamada was busy with his work, and it was not. The condition is continuing. ”

On the other hand, Naoshi Ueshiba, acting as an agent for the mother and child of Komuro,

“There is no plan for Mr. Komuro to return home during the summer vacation. (For the” meeting “in Los Angeles) I have not prepared an answer to these types of questions.

That’s right, but the royal journalist Shuichi Kanda

“Just because I’m on vacation, Mr. Komuro needs to visit the palace directly and explain what to do in the future. At least as a working person who wants to earn an independent living and as a party who wants to get married. You should tell the members of the Akisu Palace family how they will walk, even if the constitution says, “Marriage is established based only on the agreement of both sexes,” there is no way to remain silent. On the occasion, you have to pay a lump sum from the tax, and you have to clarify the idea even more.If you do not intend to receive it, you can declare it clearly.

After pointing out so,

“This problem must be resolved by April 19, next year’s” Rise of the Imperial Princess “, which shows that Mr. Akisu Shrine has won first place in the Emperor’s succession. Imperial ceremonies and gyoza There is a view that is different from your marriage, but both are things related to the Akitsunomiya family, and I think it is difficult for many people to think separately. ”

It seems that there is a blank night in the overseas affairs of Ms. Ryoko.

Whether there is contact with Mr. Satoshi Komuro at this exquisite timing?

However, from the impression of the general public,

Almost impossible to get married

I suppose.

The situation that the Akisu Miya family is not convinced

I mean

Because I can not understand it,

The present condition is only

It is a stage before it breaks up.

First of all, study abroad

Because it is for escape from Japan,

It is a situation that does not seem to be thinking about realizing the marriage first.

The money I borrowed is not the law

Return from yourself to eaten | ω ·)

It’s a story, but

What kind of intention is it?

If you are thinking of getting married to your sister,

The place to clear first is there.

As the mother of Satoshi Komuro is a ton demonstration,

You should cut it off too early.

After all to avoid trouble

I think a rich family is also a necessary existence.

Once you get married there is a tondemo mother



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