Yoshimoto Kogyo’s contract with Miyasako 【canceled】 !!

Yoshimoto Kogyo announced on the 19th that it had canceled the contract with Hiroyuki Miyasako (49) of the rain rising decision dead squadron who had been on the verge of immediate care with the issue of doing business with the special fraud group in the dark. While Miyasako offered to retire in the entertainment world in order to apprehend the continuing turmoil, Yoshimoto, who thoroughly banished anti-social forces, reconsidered the situation with a heavy eye on the situation. The decision was made to “actually dismiss” the contract cancellation. There are no plans for an interview. The criticisms of the public that they have reported that “they have not received the galley” have made it possible to set the stage for the ultimate decision.

Yoshimoto Kogyo faxed “Hiroyuki Miyasako was on the verge of attending a meeting hosted by anti-social forces that has already been reported, but in the future, we will consider the various circumstances in the future. It was determined that the continuation of management with Hiroyuki Miyasako had serious problems, and the above decision was reached. ” In addition, “in some media, there was coverage of the interview about this matter, but there is no plan of the interview”.

According to officials, on the 17th, Miyasashi offered that “I hope for the juniors to recover somehow. I will take responsibility and retire.” One of the factors is the group photo of Kazuki Noguchi and Miyasako, who are the main accusers of the group that grabbed a gold block worth approximately 750 million yen in Fukuoka Prefecture in July 2004. It was published in the photo magazine “Friday” released on the 19th today, and according to the same magazine, it was a commemorative photo taken from the fact that there were common acquaintances when visiting separate clubs in Osaka. It is said that Miyasako gave me several thousand yen for spending.

Officials have denied that “Mr. Miyazaki has no choice but to receive money from those people who have been called at the wait of the cabaret” about the news report. “I decided to withdraw because I had a nuisance because I had not been involved or I was involved in a bribe or a junior.” It is also believed that the family members are bothered by the influence of lying.

According to the surroundings, “Hello, my partner, Toru = 51, has heard of his intention to retire,” he said. It is inevitable that 10 regulars such as TV Asahi “Ame Talk” will be affected.

In December 2014, Miyasako participated in the year-end party of the Special Fraud Group with Sakai, Rasa Ramon HG (43), Garitchu Fukushima Yoshinari (41), etc., mediated by Kalateka Shinie (42). It was originally said that she had not received the gala, but it turned out that she was a lie. We received 1 million yen and donated the same amount to the tax correction report and the “National Victim Support Network”. In this dark business upsurge, 13 Yoshimoto entertainers have been treated as “Shinshin”.

The following is the complete fax from Yoshimoto Kogyo.

Hiroyuki Miyasako (Rainage Decisive Corps), report on cancellation of management contract

We will report on our management contract with Hiroyuki Miyasako, who belongs to our company, after the cancellation of the management contract on July 19 (Fri).

Hiroyuki Miyasako was cautious by the fact that he had attended a meeting hosted by anti-social forces, which has already been reported, but in view of various circumstances, we will manage the future with Hiroyuki Miyasako It was determined that there was a serious obstacle to the continuation of the above, and the above decision was reached.

We apologize deeply for the many fans, we apologize for any inconvenience and concern to everyone involved.


Yoshimoto Kogyo has canceled the contract with Miyasako.

It might have escaped contract cancellation if it was only once reported at first.

If there are more than one, it can not be ridiculous as an office.

When I told a lie that I did not get a reward

It was almost out, but

It was not a problem of the possibility of the last minute return.

Although two misfortunes [three cases including affair] were clarified in the last time and this time,

If you have a real story,

There is no reason for this alone.

I do not know if I need to pursue it any more.

And that is that the bribe of Rombu received 500,000 yen,

Is that really it?

If so, isn’t it strange that 500,000 yen will occur at the foot of Rombu?

I think the person knows best.

There may be ranks of entertainers, etc.

That’s the 500,000 market price of the wolf.

It is natural for you to think that you received the same level of compensation as others.

If you normally pay 500,000, you should be jealous.

Is it still the tip of the iceberg?

It can not be translated only once



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