Johnny’s office is pressure for former SMAP3 people?

About NHK ‘s 3rd members of the idol group “SMAP” former members Suguru Inagaki, Takeshi Kusanagi and Shingo Katori on the night of July 17th, 2019 “The suspicion of pressure on TV appearance of the former SMAP 3 people Johnny’s office Surprises are spreading on the Internet that the “Trading Commission” and the flash telop flowed.

“When this news comes out in NHK bulletins”

NHK reported about 20:59 on the 17th. In the Tokyo metropolitan area, 15 minutes of limited news are broadcast, and when the weather forecast is over, with the chime sound to inform the bulletin, “The suspicion of pressure on the TV appearance of the ex-SMAP 3 people Attention the Johnny’s office Fair Trade Commission “” Was displayed.

The news was announced in detail at “News Watch 9”, which began at 21:00 immediately after, and it was informed that the Fair Trade Commission had warned the Johnny’s office by the same day that there was a possibility of antitrust violation. The

The news on the Internet quickly attracted attention, and it was also surprising that NHK’s launch of the flash telop itself.

It seems that Johnny’s office put pressure on three former SMAPs.

I was surprised to be informed by the bulletin yesterday.

It is the present condition that three TV appearances of former SMAP decrease sharply when it is said so.

I see it quite often on TV CМ,

It was strange that there were almost no appearances on the variety program.

Is that what happened? Ω ·)

There may be many people who fall into a trap.

Recently, the news of Mr. Johnny has been widely taken up,

It was thought that it was a very good office,

The actual contents are completely black.

On the contrary, also in regard to Janny’s coverage

Even if pressure is applied to the television station

It is not strange at all.

So is Yoshimoto Kogyo

Not only belonging affiliation,

The stance of the office should also be reviewed once.

Johnny’s office out



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