Harry Potter first edition book worth [30,000 times!

I received a news that reminded me that the secondhand bookstore might be asleep.

A woman who lives in Staffordshire, England. Twenty years ago, she bought a travel book at a used bookstore. The book, which was only one pound, was “Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone”, which everyone knows (Series 1).

Over time … she invites an auctioneer to her home to assess if the book’s value is a concern.

So, it turns out that it is worth more than 30,000 pounds (about 4 million yen)! After 20 years, it has swelled to 30,000 times its value without knowing it. Besides, it seems to have been left in the cupboard.

Even more astonishingly, women did not know that this book was the first edition with only 500 copies.

This is “Mochi from the shelf”. We will go to the used bookstore this weekend and try to “treat treasure”! ?


The premiere of Harry Potter’s first edition book is attached.

It is a huge blockbuster Harry Potter series that everyone knows now,

It seems that the value of the first edition book has increased to 30,000 times.

It’s a very short year of 20 years and it’s a leap to here,

How many copies are on sale,
And a big hit? | Ω ・)

That’s right.

Well, this valuable first edition has only 500 copies, so

Even after searching for this news,

It is not something to be found.

Buy for 30,000 times the value

You may wait for it to be 40,000 times.

Like magic



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