Miyasako and Ryo Tamura [Apologies]

Hiroyuki Miyasako (49) of the comedy combination “Ameagari Decisive Corps” who had the contract canceled from Yoshimoto Kogyo on the issue of “Dark Sales” that did not go through the office with the anti-social forces was also indefinite on the 20th. Along with Akira Tamura (47) of the comedy combination “London Boots No. 1 and No. 2”, which has been on a pardon, held an apology conference in Tokyo. It is the first time a concerned party has an interview since June when problems were discovered.

It reports on the dark sales of the year-end party that Friday released on the 7th was held in December. On the 24th, Yoshimoto Kogyo announced that the entertainer had been politely treated. About the events during this period, Miyasako told the company that it had received money and said that it was said “let’s stand still”. “I was not afraid of how much disturbance or annoyance. I was not satisfied with the size of the post-report response,” I am sorry, I forgive myself, I was able to hold a meeting several times or not. It was said that “it would be better”, but the company’s answer was still “static”.

In addition, he spoke to the public with the president’s exchange on June 24 when Shushin was announced. When I was told that I would do my best, I asked if I would like you to let me hold the press conference, but from the president, I would not have turned the tapes. But in the real world, everyone is in charge of solidarity, because I have the power to make all of you guys get fired. ”

In addition, Miyasako pleaded with the president “I’ll give you an apology because I have a retirement meeting,” but the president said that “I can not let him get retired. However, after that, “I will give an apology interview. Instead, the period will be decided here”, but to this day without progress. He also announced that he decided to give a lawyer because of his distrust towards the company.

During this period, he mentioned that he had commented in all directions, and shook his voice in tears, saying, “I think it was hard to say.”


Miyasako and Satoshi Tamura held an interview.

As the watching side

Is it finally interviewed?

It was an impression that

It seems that Yoshimoto Kogyo was trying to prevent the interview,

The office problem has also become clear.

This time,

What’s so complicated is that

There are multiple bad people

Is that not so?

Only the fraud group is evil,

If the performer or the office is a victim

It was very easy to understand,

The lie of the belonging entertainer,

The darkness of the affiliation office is becoming clear,

Who should I forgive?

It is a very difficult problem.

I also saw some of the feeling played by Miyasako in the early stages,

Who should judge?

It’s a mess.

Among them, it seems that the words of Satoshi Tamura felt true.

It seems that going to the dark business was a very rare pattern,

It is also necessary to look away from the humanity of Miyasako.

Who decides how



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