EXIT Kanechika-[If it’s a company that doesn’t change]

On the 20th, comedian and Daiki (28) of the comedy combination expressed their thoughts about Yoshimoto Kogyo, who belongs to his own Twitter. There is a reaction that more than 100,000 replies are received.

In the youth language tone that is the artistic style, “If you’re a company that doesn’t change because you’re a guy, it’s a company that doesn’t change.” Ask the entertainer to explain well from the company! A one-way hearing to protect the company would be good anymore? I will tell everyone about what I’m a part about, and I will tell everyone in Paris well.

An apology conference by Hiroyuki Miyasako (49) of “Ameage Decisive Corps” whose management contract was canceled from the office due to the black sales problem and Satoshi Tamura (47) of “London Boots No. 1 and No. 2” who were under consideration Received an accountability to Yoshimoto Kogyo.

In this post, “The company is to protect employees. There have been many viewers who questioned Yoshimoto’s management structure before!” “To threaten the entertainer or to protect the company Talent There is no need for a company to forsake any more.

Also, “It’s awfully difficult to touch but it’s amazing to say something like this. Sincere chara man” “Somewhat anxious feelings Pompone! I’ve done Here we go. It’s time for it. Love heart is non-stop There were also many voices that praised Kannari who touched this topic, such as “W”. In addition, comedian Ehara Masahiro (37), who belongs to the same office, also sent a reply saying, “Ken Su Suga Woo.


The remarks of EXIT and Taiki Kinuki were talked about.

At this irritated timing,

The energy that sends out what many entertainers are thinking is amazing.

It is truly a Chara man entertainer with momentum.

However, it is better to be careful about provocation to the office to which you belong.

Because what is Yoshimoto Kogyo,

I will erase it | ω ·)

Some things may be said.

It may be erased without saying.

However, what led many people to say what they would think was

I feel that I am both a guy and serious.

Character street | ω ·)

If the organization is not good, people will soon be lost

It was a statement that would speak out for the views of the young people of today.

Well I think that more than half is thinking well in the late 20’s.

Will Yoshimoto Kogyo change?

Is it going to be obsolete at once?

It seems that the present is a turning point.

The momentum to sell is great



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