President Yoshimoto Kogyo [Dearing interview] !!

Akimoto Okamoto, president of Yoshimoto Kogyo (52), on the 22nd in Tokyo, a press conference about a series of uprisings initiated by the dark business problem against anti-social forces by Hiroyuki Miyasako (49) and Tamura Minoru (47) et al. Opened.

President Okamoto who answered, “What can not be done by President Okamoto?” When I was sentenced to be irresponsible, I declared, “It is my role to create an environment where talents can properly show their talents, and to develop them including Asia and overseas.”

After that, Vice President Fujiwara stated, “Because ‘Listen to everyone’ will trust us. I really believe in a laugh, with a sense of love, a responsible, tough but loving president. It is a place where we have to be firm. ”

It did not end here, and in the end the manager in charge of management spoke. “The president may be a scared and frustrated employee, but I personally think that I am more reliant on the president than Fujiwara. I also instructed him to” think and proceed if there is no problem “. He said, “I ask everyone” is that kind of thing. A conference that lasted more than five hours was concluded with a remark that could be taken with Yossho.

The president of Yoshimoto Kogyo held an interview.

Because I could see it live on many channels,

Aren’t some people already seeing it?

As content

Scarecrow sloppy | ω ·)

It was.

Fighting with the president of Miyasako and Yoshimoto Kogyo


Because it is a battle of

Withdraw from contract cancellation,

Where I reduced my salary

Nothing will change.

Will it become a flow that popular entertainers will flow from now on?

That both sides do not solve



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