Taka [I have never felt family] !!

Taka commented.

It seems that you have doubts about Mr. Yoshimoto’s presidential interview.

Most people think so.

It’s a different story from the liars of Miyasako,

What kind of shape will Yoshimoto Kogyo change from now on?

Is it going to die without change?

It has become a critical time.

It seems that Koji Kato is starting to move on this matter.

I think there is a place I think as a hawk from the same Hokkaido.

Koji Kato is ready to leave

I do not know what conclusions have been reached when this article is published.

Even a general viewer might not be able to see it in the form of support

I do not know whether it is in the future.

At that interview

I reflect on almost without change

I felt the nuance of that,

Things that change the life of a famous artist

It may happen.

Do you keep staying in Yoshimoto?



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