The press, the interphone at home of Atsushi Tamura [30 times]!

Atsushi Tamura (45) of London Boots No. 2 renewed his Twitter on the 23rd and requested self-restraint from the media who came to “direct coverage” from home without passing through the office.

I wrote a tweet “嘆” to the people who are coming to the coverage of “direct” in the interview at my home, “covering for companions of the other party is overheated … … coverage to me is not” direct ” Could you get me through the office? ”

When I was away, I said, “My family feels frightened if they hear the interphone at home 30 times in a row,” and “I’m still a small girl, so I would like to thank you”.

Tsubaki has been sending a message through the media and SNS, as his partner Tamura Tsubaki is in the midst of a series of black sales problems. Also on Twitter the day before, “I know that I am not in a position to be able to say because the partner’s bond is the beginning of the disturbance …” and then “the lie is not attached, still the people I would like you to give priority to the judgment of the treatment of juniors who can not explain anything from their mouth. ”

The bribe complained to the press.

This is a matter of Yoshimoto Kogyo,

Because there is a problem with the other side,

It is strange to hear that this is a nuisance.

People in the press may have been told by their superiors,

A complete nuisance,

Lack of manners

It’s an amateur job, right?

If you’re a professional, you should think about a little more.

Operation is a nuisance,

It is an act that the police will be called if the general public.

If you are a media professional,

How do you get a comment?

What if I think a little?

Unable to work



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