Knights’ Yami Yoshimoto sales story [I was angry] !!

In the 16th round of the Giants-Yakult held at Kyocera Dome Osaka on the 24th, Mangai Combi Knights will show mankind for two consecutive days on the ground before the game. The stadium was squeezed into laughter with “current event material” reminiscent of the dark business problem again.

Yoshiyuki Konomoto, Akihiko Okamoto, said “No one is turning the tape today,” while explaining that “I was angered that yesterday’s comics were taken up by Yahoo! News”. To laugh using “power harassment saying” that the president said. Mansei also showed off the story of baseball and called the giant, Tachioka, a buzz called “Tapioca”.

After Manzai, they all said, “I didn’t think so much news.” However, immediately after that, Mio turns to the outfield seat direction and asks the cheering party “Can I stop calling you?” The Chinese-Japanese team considered the word “you” in the lyrics as a problem, and it was reminiscent of the cheering party’s self-indulgence in the performance of the support song “South Po” at the time of chance, and it was wrapped in laughter.

The dark sales material of the Knights has become a topic.

It seems to be a mansei that took place before the start of the professional baseball game,

It is still a few days after the president of Yoshimoto Kogyo interviewed,

No one knows what will happen

In the situation,

It’s very ironic and interesting.

It is a taboo topic in a sense, but

After all the entertainer who breaks the taboo is necessary.

If you take care and avoid it, it will be boring.

Because it is the timing that the entertainer of Yoshimoto Kogyo can not use as a material now,

It sounds like a knight.

I think that someone is taking a tape (laughs)

If you haven’t seen it yet, why not search on the internet?

The fun of taboo



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