Mercari, 13.7 billion yen [deficit]?

On July 25, Mercari announced its consolidated performance forecast for the full fiscal year ending June 2019, and announced that its net loss is expected to be ¥ 13,764 million. The deficit will expand from the previous year (the deficit of 7,041 million yen). This is because the burden of campaigns developed for acquiring users with the smartphone payment service “Melpay” is heavy.

The operating profit and loss, which indicates the absence of the main business, is also expected to expand from the deficit of ¥ 12,149 million and the results of the previous fiscal year (¥ 4,422 million).

However, sales were 51,063 million yen, achieving significant growth of 44.5% from the previous year (35,765 million yen). The Flima App “Mercali” is growing steadily in Japan, and the US business and Merpay are also operating as expected.

Merpei became a hot topic during the Golden Week by implementing a “big game” that reduces 70 to 50% of the payment amount. This year’s cashless payment first year using smartphones, Softbank-based “PayPay”, LINE “LINE Pay”, and Melpay launched a series of campaigns. If you can invest a lot of money and get many users here, you can expect a big future harvest as payment infrastructure. However, there is also a aspect of physical fitness game.

On the stock market on July 25, 2019, Mercalli (TSE Mothers) closed at ¥ 2,855, up ¥ 41 (+ 1.46%) from the previous day. The outlook for the deficit in the current fiscal year was already reported in part, but the share price has not collapsed and the high expectations of investors for smartphone payment can be seen. The market capitalization (at the closing price on the 25th) of Mercalli is approximately ¥ 430.4 billion.

Mercari seems to be in the red.

Certainly, there is an impression that the momentum has fallen compared to one period.

As a seller

Even though the fee has already been taken 10%,

I’m expecting a price increase for the spring shipping this year

Aren’t many people in trouble?

Because small things can only benefit a few tens of yen and a few hundred yen,

Even if the price is suddenly raised only by a sudden sentence,

Users will only be puzzled | ω ·)

More users got! I need a feeling that can be felt.

I wish I would normally work with paypay.

Shipping price increase was painful



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