Hiroyuki Miyasako, thank you for drinking Gala [50,000-100,000 yen]!

Shock testimony that three weeks after the case where a gold bullion worth 760 million yen was robbed in Fukuoka

At the popular cabaret in Osaka, Kitashinchi, Miyasako took a memorial photo with a gold bull robber in his determined pose

First of all, please look at the picture above. In a store like a high-class club, the person who puts out the index finger of both hands in a pose of holding a piece is, without saying, Hiroyuki Miyasako (49). It was discovered that he had been working “in the dark” at a party of a criminal group of wire fraud, and he is a popular entertainer now.

A short-haired man with a striking eyesight while smiling on the right side of Miyasako. In the dark society where the residents of antisocial forces gather, it is a super celebrity that everyone knows, Kazuki Noguchi (43). Noguchi has now been arrested for a violent incident and is awaiting judgment while being held in Fukuoka Detention Center.

I will explain the situation of the day the “memorial photo” was taken, explaining why details of the case will be explained later as to why Noguchi was arrested.

‘After 9 o’clock on the night of July 27, 2004, Noguchi was visiting a cabaret in downtown Osaka, Kitashinchi with friends.

“He (Noguchi) had a group of about four men in their group. Mr. Miyasako drank with a friend in the private room at the back of the table where they sat. One of the four men was Miyasako. It seems that you were acquainted with Mr. Miyasako noticed him and greeted him, and he decided to have a toast with him and ordered a high-class champagne. ” Person)

After putting on each other’s champagne glasses, Miyasako accepted a commemorative photo with Noguchi. Noguchi said he had tattoos on the upper body in Japanese carving, and at that time he was wearing a short sleeve, so the tattoo was clearly visible.

“There were two short-sleeved men in this seat with a tattoo on the upper body. I think that they realized that they were not doing their regular work. They greeted Mr. Miyasako. After the toast, I had been having a chat for a while, and the only thing left to impress was that one of the attendants had given a reward when Mr. Miyasako returned. ” )

If money was received from Noguchi’s group members, the excuse “I just happened to be present” will not be valid. The witnesses mentioned above were to testify to this magazine.

“A man who was present was counting the tag of the current raw and giving Miyasako” high “. I think it would be 50,000 to 100,000 yen if I was looking at what I was counting.”

Gravure idols and performers share liquor meals with ordinary people, and the act of receiving some money as a reward is called “Gala drink”. If the sighting testimony obtained by this magazine is correct, it means that Miyasako participated in the “Dara drinker” of the criminal group and was given a pocket allowance of about 100,000 yen.


It seems that Miyasako had been rewarded.

At the conference of the other day

Although I apologized,

Connection with the anti-company, Miyasashi denied rewards in the Gala drink.

Just a photo was asked

I was at an interview with

It seems that he had a toast and received rewards.

Well I thought I was lying at the meeting,

It is a natural person to no longer lie.

In the street interview

It looked honest.
I do not want to retire

It has become a deployment that betrays even those who said that.

Yoshimoto Kogyo, who is continuing discussions, is a dignified system,

Fight between liars

So I do not know what it will be, but

It seems unlikely that honest words will be heard from Miyasako’s own mouth.

I think the area in the second half that I said I am grateful to Yoshimoto Kogyo is the real thing,

The connection with the gold bull robbers in the early stages is a lie and play of apology.
If you’re not good, it’s directly a gold bullion, etc. | ω ・)

100% honesty



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