High heel momoko [My favorite chairman and president]!

A high-heeled momoko from Downtown Sync (NSC 1st grader) will perform live on the MBS information program “Chichinpuipui” on the 26th. Kuragaku Tombo and Kato Koji criticized Hiroshi Osaki chairman and President Okamoto Akihiko, and revealed that they felt uncomfortable when they said that the management team would resign from the company (Yoshimoto) if not renewed.

Mr. Osaki is the first manager of the NSC 1st grade student, and Momoko is grateful that “our 1st grade, a bad guy like a bad guy has been revived,” he said. Then, about the words and actions of Kato, who is a junior student, “If I am, my junior teacher feels like saying,” My favorite chairman and president will quit, “Mr. Kato’s way of thinking Palm, Kato is free to stop being angry, but eh ?! Why, we, the president and the chairman who said that it is good now, I say, I say, quit? ” I spoke my thoughts.

Momoko said, “I think I got it here (Yoshimoto), and I love Yoshimoto,” and some voices asking for a revamp of the management team And no matter who the chairman or who, even if the manager is not good, it is because he has achieved so much.


High heel momoko commented.

Currently Koji Kato

I will leave if the management does not change

It is a situation that is affirmed,

It became a form to argue against it.

Even though it is Yoshimoto Kogyo’s senior momoko than Kato Koji


Not because I like Yoshimoto Kogyo

I just want to keep my current rewards, right?

After all, people above

Juniors are never saved.

It works for juniors! It may be that you should entrust to Matsumoto, who said that.

Of course Koji Kato is also a successful person at Yoshimoto Kogyo,

Is it an intermediate position?

It is an action that you think of your juniors.
The spirit of self-sacrifice is wonderful.

In the presence of dirty people that the current situation is the best

What kind of decision will the office make?

Yada Yada



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