At the age of 16 in the game world tournament 【3.3 billion yen】 !!

US 16-year-old Booga Kyle Geassdorf of Pennsylvania won the World Championship of the game “Fort Knight”, which was held until the 28th in New York, USA, with a prize of $ 3 million (approximately ¥ 330 million) ).

The total prize money totaled $ 30 million, the highest ever for e-Sports.

Fort knight is a battle game announced in 2017, and can be played on PCs and smartphones as well as game consoles. The tournament, which began on the 26th, drew about 200 players who won the preliminary round of 40 million out of about 250 million players worldwide.

About 100 people in the solo section are 13-24 years old and all are male, according to the US Sports Specialist ESPN. The average age is 16 years old. Kyle, who won, plays 8 to 10 hours a day. Video games are said to have started at the age of three.

16 years old won the world championship of the game.

It is different from the actual sports competition,

It’s no surprise that a teenage boy won.

Even so, it is an honor to earn 330 million yen,

It seems that you are wondering how to set your future goals.

You won and you get a prize

It is just the best translation,

Why do you feel that something is not directly linked to happiness?

Can I keep my health with a game of eight hours every day?

I am worried in various ways,

What is the trend like that?

I will not be delighted with 1000 yen or something



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