Fujimon, N country [do not break NHK …] !!

Toshishi Fujimoto (48 years old) of the comedian combination FUJIWARA appeared on the news program “Abema-like news show” (AbemaTV) broadcasted on July 28. I asked the representative of the party who protects the people from NHK, Tachibana Takashi, a member of the House of Councilors, “Don’t break the NHK.”

On this day, the program will be performed by the representative of the party who protects the people from NHK, who won the first seat in the upper house election, as a studio performer in the studio. He developed a heated debate on the back side of the House of Councilors election and the future prospects of the party.

Among them, Fujimoto was asked to comment on the party, “Because there are two little girls. After all that E-Tele’s” Don’t wait if not! “” Mothers together “” Miteru! “NHK’s program, I will save you. I will be troubled if it is broken. ”

In addition, he cast a real thought to Mr. Tachibana saying, “Dance to dance on the show or dance with my daughter. It is the best tool for communication, but don’t break it.” The


Don’t break Fujimon’s NHK

It has become a topic in the impressive naming of a party that protects the people from NHK

It is so-called [N national party],

Break NHK

Is that a fact?

It’s hard to think that NHK will be destroyed by a group that was able to come to an end, but

Is it that a certain number of people are in tune?

Apparently speaking to politicians with problems, it seems to be increasing the number of friends,

What kind of intention is it?

Takashi Tachibana who is the representative about the matter that is collecting the bad guys,

I have to take risks

I said that

Is there a risk of carrying the wrong person on purpose?

Very questionable | ω ·)

Do you accept people who are disliked by the public? ? ?

What will happen to you?

NHK is based on the reception fee,

People are forced to pay the reception fee, but

Is that something about the support of today’s young people not to watch TV?

Even so, Hotaru Maruyama seems to be only bombs.

Mysterious group



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