Yoshimoto Kogyo Chairman, Kato Koji [Never forgiven] !!

The house turmoil of Yoshimoto Kogyo that broke out in the wake of the dark business problems of Hiroyuki Miyasako (49) of the rising after death team, and Tamura Akira (47) of London boots No. 2 and others. “Weekly publication Bunshun” has revealed that Mr. Hiroshi Osaki, 66, chairman of Yoshimoto Kogyo Holdings, is angry at Koji Kato (50), a tribute to the paradise.

On July 22nd, Kato was resigned to Chairman Osaki (65) and President Yoshihiko Okamoto of Yoshimoto Kogyo (52) in “Sukigiri” (Nippon Telegrapher), who will host the event on July 22nd.

A Yoshimoto Kogyo official reveals.

“Osaki isn’t going to pull back. It is not going to quit Okamoto. On the other hand, he says to Kato who has rebelled” I will never forgive. ” You can not remain in Yoshimoto Kogyo. ”

It is said that President Okamoto, who has received the intention of Mr. Osaki, is steadily moving toward “Kato Exile”.

“Mr. Okamoto leaks to the reporter in a snap, saying,” There is a former member of Iwatsuki in Kato’s back, “etc.

When “Weekly print Bunshun” hits this former employee directly over the phone, “You may not have such a thing. You have not been in contact with Kato since you quit (I am Yoshimoto)” I denied below.

What is happening in Yoshimoto? The “Weekly Bunshun” released on August 1 (Thursday) features a seven-page feature on the relationship between Abe’s residence and Yoshimoto Kogyo, and the actual conditions of the company controlled by Matsumoto Hitoshi and Osaki Chairman Line.


The president seems not to forgive.
I will never stop

I still understand

I will never forgive

That is no longer a counterattack, isn’t it?

My position is in danger and I am desperate.

How human being on Yoshimoto Kogyo is

Is it financially u ha ha?

I understand that.

People who want to maintain the status quo are family conscious.

Koji Kato who has established a stable position in Yoshimoto Kogyo

Just for juniors

It is an action of scraping oneself.

Because Matsumoto also works for juniors,

To what extent can clean seniors maintain their environment for juniors?

Is very important.

At present, nothing has been decided,

As the sweetness of Yoshimoto Kogyo’s management is exposed,

It can not be trusted from the perspective of the public.

It will be so from the perspective of the affiliated artist.

There is also a great possibility that popular people will flow out and Yoshimoto will end.

There may be many supporters of Koji Kato, too?

Questions remain in Yoshimoto Kogyo



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