Jun Nagura rested in [depression]!

The office announced that Jun Nagura (50), a comedian trio Neptune, will rest for rehabilitation of depression for about two months from today. Nagura commented, “I will rest for a while. I will restore my physical condition and I will return.

Nagura performed surgery for cervical disc herniation last June and returned to her for about 10 days after rest. Although the progress of the operation was good, stress caused by the stress of the living area, which is the invasiveness of the operation, causes depression and causes the doctor to rest for a certain period of time. The last job before rest was the recording of the TV Asahi “Nanikore Rare Hundred View” on July 31st.

“We will do our best with Neptune for a while so that Jun-chan can return well and relax slowly, and we will continue to work on them for a while! It will be a matter, but I would like to thank you. ”

■ Diagnosis result of doctor
・ Disease name: Depression
Diagnosed with depression and continuing treatment. Mental state stability is necessary, and a certain period of rest is necessary.

■ Jun Nagura comments
Everyone who supports me regularly, everyone involved,
We apologize for any inconvenience or inconvenience this time.
I will rest for a while.
We will restore your physical condition and return. Thank you in advance.

■ Tadazo Harada, Ken Horiuchi comment
We apologize for the inconvenience and inconvenience this time.
I will do my best with two Neptune for a while, so that Jun-chan can return well and relax slowly.
We would like to thank you to all the parties involved in the program in various ways, but we would appreciate your favors.


Jun Nagura seems to be resting in depression.

It’s a worrying news just because you jumped in suddenly.

Although it is Neptune that has acquired a stable status in the entertainment world,

Was something burdensome to live?

Mental illness is

It does not look like trauma,

What is the cure? It is difficult to judge that.

Because I can not erase my memory,

I would like you to spend some time concentrating on the treatment.

At such times the trio is saved



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