Winter department at a department store in August!

On the 2nd of the day when the heat continued, the “Winter” sales corner was set up at the department store. Now in the middle of summer, why is it winter?

The heart of central Tokyo, which has been a hot day for two consecutive days. Even in the whole country, there are more than 200 hot summer days, and dangerous heat is coming out. Under such circumstances, a special shop for winter items was opened on the 2nd in the women’s clothes section and sales began while the outside temperature exceeded 35 ° C in Tokyo and Nihonbashi Takashimaya.

This year’s new down jacket is lined with over 50 points. In this department store, it is said that winter products to be sold from the beginning of September have started selling ahead of time more than one month. Why the hell ….

10% consumption tax starting two months later. According to the voice of the customer who wants to get the winter thing of this year cheaply even before the consumption tax goes up. Several inquiries have already been received.

It is a winter thing corner in August of midsummer.

Before tax increase

A little cheaper

There are people who are going to buy it.

I do not know if I am conscious or not.

Even so, it’s not just about clothing,

Is it before the tax increase?
Can you give back points after tax increase?

I would like you to make it clear and clear | ω ・)

From the perspective of the one that you plan to buy

It is difficult to make a plan

Simply tell me the correct answer.

Just early or late



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