Canadian women drive away Puma with Metallica!

(CNN) On Vancouver Island in western Canada, a woman was taking a walk on a cell phone with a song from the US heavy metal band “Metalica” to chase off the puma.

Dee Gallant (45) took a walk with his dog on the island’s South Duncan forest on the 23rd of last month. I turned around at a point that was a few kilometers into the forest, and I was being followed by Puma.

I was interested at first because I had never seen Puma so close, but I realized that Puma was approaching. When she shouted, Puma stopped moving, but never retreated.

As Galant shook his arms and shouted “bad boy” and “go away”, Puma remained still.

So Galant selected and played the band’s songs that produced the most powerful sounds that could be found on a mobile phone. It was Metallica’s “Don’t Tread On Me”.

This seemed to work, and Puma, who heard the first few tones, ran away. The combination of heavy drum sounds and James Hetfield’s vocals seemed to have determined that curious puma could not be dealt with either.

The encounter with Puma lasted for about five minutes, but Galant said he was not scared. “It was really cool to see the puma so long”

During the rest of the hike, Galant continued to play this song, walking in the middle of the road and trying to keep his dog aside. “I think that it was absolutely thanks to Metallica that I got out of that day.”

A woman has repulsed Puma.

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Did you hear heavy metal more scary? | ω ·)

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