Yuuta Takahata on stage [resume activity]!

It was announced on August 3 that Yuuta Takahata (25) resumes performing arts activities. It returns on the stage “Sayonara Nishikokun” to be staged from this month 16th. In the sudden return, there is a big response such as “Yuta Takahata” becoming a trend on Twitter on Twitter.

The production of the same work by Daily Sports is Noriaki Wada, who is registered in the “Ishii Kozo Office” where Takahata has been affiliated in the past. Takahata passed the workshop and audition held by Mr. Wada.

Takahata, who appeared in the morning TV novel “rare” (NHK General) broadcasted from March 2015, and raised her popularity. Appeared in this magazine in August of the same year, “Mother (Kohatata Reiko) also said that” I became the actor’s face, “he said.

However, in August 16, Takahata was arrested on charges of rape for allegedly sexually assaulting female employees at a business hotel in Gunma Prefecture, where she was staying in a movie. The victim side was not prosecuted because a talk was concluded, and he was released in September of the same year. However, the management contract with Mitsui Ishii office was cancelled, and the entertainment activity was virtually suspended.


Takahata Yuta seems to resume activities.

I thought I had already given up, but it seems to be back.

Well that I can’t go out to the stage

Freely | ω ·)

It is said that,

I do not know what kind of problem will occur next, so

You do not have to return to the TV.

Even when I was on TV before

It was an obvious change, so

Honestly a little scary.

Take it on the stage



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