Karateka Irie is a [local volunteer] or a lone

On the 5th of the Fuji TV series “Direct hit LIVE Goody!” (Monday to Friday, 1:45), Hiroyuki Miyasako (49) of “Dead after the rain” was held on April 4 in Chigasaki City, Kanagawa Prefecture. We reported that we participated in event of “eradication of fraud scam” as a volunteer.

Mr. Yamashita (50), a former entertainer and comedy journalist who was active with Omoro Yamashita, revealed that he had called “Karateka” Shinya Irie (42), who was fired from Yoshimoto Kogyo. Although I didn’t know it was an anti-social force, I involved seniors and juniors, “he said.

He also said, “Mr. Miyasako, Ryo, and President Okamoto went alone to volunteer in the region before the meeting.”


It seems that Irie was volunteering.

It’s a bit of a question to volunteer without going public.

Well, because I was fired, it ’s my freedom.

It seems uncomfortable that the discarded entertainers do everything.

It ’s a good thing,

I feel like just imitating American community service activities.

Irie, who has not yet met
And Miyasako, whose connection to the anti-corporation has not yet been clarified

Isn’t it a bit different to volunteer?

As mentioned above, it is personal freedom,

Is it correct to start community service without a so-called judgment?

Zabungle and Ryo all feel that

I think it would be nice to start a reflection,

Irie, Miyasako

I don’t know how much it will come out from now | ω ・)

Before beware of fraud

Are you all right?

This is the stage.

Is n’t it coming out yet?



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