Suzuki Sarina, Shinjiro Ross [cannot recover]⁉

Rina Suzuki (42), the talent, screamed that she couldn’t get back in the marriage announcement of LDP member Shinjiro Koizumi (38).

Mr. Koizumi announced the marriage of the talent Takigawa Christel on the 7th, and fans who have fallen into “Shinjiro Ross” on the Internet have appeared.

Suzuki updated Instagram’s Stories and uploaded a photo of “Shojiro getting married shocked death” and falling on the floor. After that, he lamented, “I can’t recover, Shinjiro shock” with a picture of crouching on the pool table.

Suzuki married REGAE unit INFINITY16 TELA-C in December 2008 and gave birth to the eldest son in February 2010. Announced divorce in December 2013.

Rina Suzuki seems to be Shinjiro Ross.

You will recover.

Certainly | ω ・)

I’m glad it became a topic.

You recover



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