Shibuya Famima mouse [Ujajaja]⁉

On August 6, 2019, FamilyMart apologized, “I apologize deeply,” saying that the video showing the unsanitary inside of the store was spread on SNS.

In the video, a group of mice moved around the store at FamilyMart in Shibuya, Tokyo, and many surprised voices were raised on Twitter.

No resumption of business

FamilyMart announced that the store was closed on August 5 to investigate the cause and removed or disposed of products under the guidance of a health center. “In the future, we will proceed with measures such as disinfection, prevention work, and in-store disinfection, and will consider whether the business can be resumed, taking into consideration the surrounding environment of the store.”

The video of Famima has been spread.

I accidentally saw this video on Twitter,

I tried to make it an article.

Is it a criminal video?

I thought

When you play it


It was a little shocking.

It may be a city-specific sight because of Famima in Shibuya

Rather than invading

I live half way.

As expected, the products you purchase

After passing the mouse

Then it is the worst.

Is there such a possibility in other stores?

I can’t imagine it.

The image is bad because the design is the same



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