What is the relationship between [half-gray group] and [entertainment industry]?

Defendant Noguchi had his own network and had friends with celebrities (Photo from Facebook)

Who is the witness Kazumi Noguchi (43), the witness of Hiroyuki Miyasako’s “Gala Drinking Photo” reported by this magazine? In general, he is a mastermind of the gold bullion case and a super famous person of the black society. From the police, he is a man who has been marked as the leader of the criminal group “Hemi-Gure”.

“I myself have been invited to a designated gang, and it is true that there was a connection before. But I don’t work for the gang members. I don’t want to be able to do it, but I’m going to stay away from them, which may seem surprising, but I’m humble in my daily life, but I’ll do my best when it comes That ’s it. ”

Defendant Kazuki Noguchi told the journal about his relationship with the gang. The “half-gray”, who does not belong to gangs like Defendant Noguchi and does organized crime, is attracting attention. Miyasato and other Yoshimoto entertainers received outrageous gals by participating in parties organized by scam groups. This group, which was fraudulent targeting the elderly, is also a so-called “half-gray”. In other words, a series of Yoshimoto Kogyo black business problems are rooted in a deep relationship between the half-gre and the entertainment industry.

If you want to know half-gray, you can only ask the leader. To report to Defendant Noguchi, this journalist went through the gates of Fukuoka Detention Center following the previous issue.

“I feel uncomfortable when I say“ half-gray ”. It ’s called“ Guiyu ”. In the first place, the position of half-gray is vague (ambiguous). If it’s half gray, a shoplifter will be half gray.

However, since I was a teenager, I was arrested for doing Yancha and went to the boys’ school and stood out. So it was written on the net as a “half-gray” leader.

When my junior and younger brothers gave up as yakuza or some other bad thing, they were asked to go out and troubleshoot. I’m going to draw a half-gray and a yakuza, but there are lots of names. The police thought it was a “donate in Nagoya”. But I don’t think so. It doesn’t belong to any group. If it is said that it is “bad”, it may be so … “(Defendant Noguchi)

Easy to get along with yakuza

It was reported that a member of the gold bullion robbery led by Defendant Noguchi and a famous celebrity were reported, and the world was noisy. On the Facebook page of a person who was arrested for cashing (later prosecuted), Johnny’s talent Yuya Tegoshi, Yoshimoto entertainer “Fruit Punch” Kenji Murakami, “Jungle Pocket” Hiroshi Ota and the thoughtful person The photos taken together were uploaded.

When he asked Noguchi’s relationship with the entertainment industry, he declared:

“I was involved in club management and event production, so I know acquaintances and major entertainment agencies mainly in the music field. Not only work, but also personal relationships.”

Akira Takemura, a journalist familiar with the underworld, including the entertainment world and gangsters, talks.

“The local gang exclusion regulations set by local governments make it difficult for ordinary people to get along with designated gangs and have dinner. However, the ban regulations do not cover“ half-gray ”. Production is easy to get along with half-gray, and this is one point. ”

Semi-Gure has several benefits to interacting with entertainers. A man in his 30s who has worked for a renovation fraud company that was owned by Hemi-Gure testifies.

“In the diving business, I’m going to do the inspection by saying,“ It ’s leaking, so it ’s going to break the house. ”So if you go up the roof and there is no problem, you will break the roof. He says, “This must be repaired” and incurs an expensive fee.

However, salesmen quit almost half a year. But the staff gather. This is because the owner (scam master) has a number of two-shot photos with entertainers, and newcomers who believe that the owner is a big guy are coming in one after another. While appealing that it is a company that has friendship with celebrities, it attracts young people’s attention and gathers people. ”

For half-gre, dating with entertainers also increases their value.

“Because half-gray members and entertainers don’t want to make contact with the general public as much as possible at restaurants, they often use the same stores such as membership bars and clubs. In some cases, half-gre itself is run, and after that, the information that “the entertainer is drinking in that store” comes around in the group. (Restaurants)

The former staff of a restaurant managed by the half-gre group reveals:

“When you get to know a celebrity, you can invite them to your club and be treated in a VIP room. If you have a personal relationship, you can become an advertising tower for a dummy company. There are lots of health foods, such as “I drink too.” Or have a guest appear at their club event.

Comedians such as Karateka Shinya Irie, who played the role of “Dark Sales”, have a wide range of friendships, so they can call other entertainers and attract customers. Even for the entertainer, the event where the half-gray is in the back doesn’t cause any trouble, and the gala is also good. It’s all good for each other. ”


The group of half gray is a mystery.

If you only hear the word half-gray,

Isn’t it as bad as a yakuza?

It is a place that seems to think,

Actually bad people dressed like ordinary citizens

It seems better to be aware of that.

I have to go to a gray place

I don’t think ordinary people get involved in trouble,

It would be better to be aware that there are such people.

In the entertainment world,

It becomes difficult to work from now on

I mean

Put into suspension

It seems that many entertainers come out.

Is n’t it almost out of the picture?

Appearance and naughty attention



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