Mari Yaguchi is the [first child] childbirth

Former Morning Musume. The talent Mari Yaguchi (36) gave birth to the first child on the 9th. I reported it on my own Instagram on the 11th.

Yaguchi reported with a picture, “On August 9, 1980, he gave birth to a healthy boy who would be his first child.” “My postpartum recovery was slow and a little late, but my mother and child are healthy!”

Continuing, “Everyone who has been supporting me since I was pregnant, I was really encouraged! I am full of heartfelt gratitude. Anyway, this is a cute and lovely little life. This is the first time I have such a happy feeling. I would like to continue, “renewed my resolve and concluded with” I look forward to your continued support. ”

In March 2018, Yaguchi remarried with a former model man for about 4 years. Announced that she became pregnant on a late-night live broadcast program on April 2nd. On the 25th of last month, maternity leave, and through a blog, “I will be a strong mother who will not dent no matter what!” I will do my best! It was.

Mari Yaguchi gave birth to the first child.

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Congratulations | ω ・)

I’m just going to

The image of affair remains

There are almost opinions like this.

I wonder if there have been talents that are not good for the world.

Well, because I gave birth,

The child has no sin,

The embarrassing desire of parents

Given the burden of a born child,

It ’s also painful for others.

What Mari Yaguchi did was

It ’s easy to understand by examining the net,

It is absolutely impossible to hide.

Do I need to post on Instagram?

Well is it for work?

Child is not bad




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