Idaten audience rating [the lowest ever]‼

The 30th of the NHK Taiga drama “Idaten-Tokyo Orimpic IV” (Sunday 8pm) was broadcast on the 11th, and the average audience rating in the Kanto region was 5.9%, the lowest in the history of the Taiga drama. I found out on a video research survey on the 13th.

The film recorded 6.7% in the 22nd (6% in the Kansai area), the lowest number in the history of the Taiga drama at that time, but this has been updated. The first 5% level in the Kanto area.

With this, from the 6th time to the 30th time, it became a single digit number for 25 consecutive episodes.

In the 30th edition, the long-awaited Loss Olympics began, and announcer Kasai (Tortus Matsumoto) was eager to broadcast the race live. The figure which thinks about the back hand which broadcasts the pattern of the race was drawn. In addition, Jigoro (Koji Yakusho) announced the candidate for the Olympic Games at the IOC General Assembly.

It seems that Idaten has updated the minimum audience rating.

Because it is NHK’s taiga drama,

The performers are full of celebrities,

I think the staff are first-class people,

There is no result.

Rather even if only professionalism is given

Does not match the needs of the world

I can only say.

Bringing together celebrities,

To spend a large amount of receiving charges

Does it make sense?

If this is the case, keep the production costs down,

The drama with anonymous people is better

Sounds good.

Even if you use amazing people, you can’t use it.

What is a pro?



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