[Slim club] of probation return on September 1!

It was found on the 13th that the comedy combination “Slim Club”, which had been indefinitely due to the dark business issue, will appear in Saitama and Omiya Raccoon Yoshimoto Theater on September 1. “2700”, which was also held indefinitely, will appear at the performance held at Yoshimoto ∞ Hall in Shibuya, Tokyo on the 22nd.

On the 9th, Yoshimoto announced that it would cancel the disposal of 11 Shin Geisha except for Hiroyuki Miyasako (49) and Ryo Tamura (47) on the 19th. The return may be put forward.


The return of the slim club was announced.

Yoshimoto Kogyo owns the stage in various places,

The speed of return is totally different.

On the other hand, when the facial expressions and comments are not clear

I’ll be back | ω ・)

I also feel that.

In addition to the dark business entertainer this year,

Because it was the year when the badness of Yoshimoto Kogyo became clear,

Don’t expect anything from the management of Yoshimoto Kogyo.


I think Uchinama is a good one.

I would like you to try clean activities when you return.

Uchima is a good guy



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