South Korean tourists in Germany [comfort women image]⁉

[Berlin joint] On the 14th, in front of the Brandenburg gate, a tourist attraction in the center of Berlin, a girl statue symbolizing former comfort women was exhibited. Organized by a Korean group in Germany as part of a protest against sexual violence against wartime women. There are many tourists from various countries at the site, and the group officials said, “I want to send the comfort women issue to the world.

The Japanese Embassy in Germany commented, “Each country has long explained Japan’s position (the comfort women issue). We will continue to strive to gain an international understanding.”

On that day, about 100 Koreans participated in the event, and around the girl’s statue, he said, “I will never forget the comfort women issue”.

A Korean group established a comfort women statue in Germany.

It’s completely abnormal behavior.

I think that the German people are usually annoying.

If you get a photo in a tourist spot, it’s a failure.

These topics are news every day,

People who are taking extreme action in Korea

Almost a part of it,

The general Korean people are normal

We must also be aware of it.

Or maybe you’re already aware of it?

Since all the media in Japan are reporting only the Ton demonstration,

It will be a topic

You will be biased.

Is there an intention to embrace anti-Korean feelings?

Kimchi thought genius



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