A surfer youth can bite a board with a shark

(CNN) Off the coast of Oahu, Hawaii, USA, a man who enjoyed surfing was caught by sharks. The man was safe.

Max Kerikipi (16) walked to Makaha Beach on the evening of November 11 and grabbed the surfboard and entered the sea. About 90 meters offshore, I saw something coming out of the sea, but it was “melting into the reef”.

I thought it was a turtle at first, but soon realized it was a shark. So I sat with my feet on the board so that the legs hanging under the water did not feed on the sharks.

The shark came straight and struck Kerikipi from the board. And it bites on the board and “big bite”. The finger could be bitten depending on the position of the foot.

After that, Mr. Kerikipi started swimming towards the beach. “I decided to run away or fight. I chose to run away,” recalls.

The length of the shark is estimated to be about 2.1 to 3.0 meters based on a comparison with the board length of about 1.8 meters. At first, I thought it was a turtle shark, but in the story of a friend serving as a rescuer, it was probably a tiger shark.

There is a sign on the beach calling for vigilance for the recent sharks in the shallows. As far as Kerikipi knows, about 10-20 people have been affected by shark attacks. “It doesn’t happen often but it’s not unusual,” he said.


A young man was attacked by a shark.

Fortunately, there was no injury,

I was lucky.

From a person who does not surf,

Just because there are sharks

That ’s why you do n’t surf enough.

I like the person I like.

The thrill of sharks is a cunning | ω ・)

However, perhaps even from sharks,

I think that it is bitten by mistaking it as a prey,

It ’s not bad.

The human invasion of the shark territory

You must be prepared for the appropriate risks.

Looks like a big fish



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