Matt, ID photo [cannot be processed]‼

The second son of former giant pitcher Masumi Kuwata (51), musician Matt (Matt, 25), uploaded his own ID photo on his Instagram on the 16th, saying “Lifetime enemies are ID photos” and “Cannot be processed” And sent.

I usually upload processed photos to Instagram and have a great response, but I added a hashtag “Although it’s always fantasy but realistic” and spelled that I couldn’t process photos by renewing my license or registering my number card.

However, actress Akiko Yada (40) wrote comments that were highly acclaimed for Matt’s face photo, “No modification!” In response, Matt replied, “Thank you. I want to be able to upload photos without processing like Yada. Always beautiful.”

And the general users also received surprise comments such as “I don’t know the difference with processing!” Or “This is really no processing?

Matt uploaded an ID photo.

The identity card must be able to identify you,

Processing is impossible | ω ・)

As many of you have thought,

I feel enough Matt | ω ・)

Rather, I think it is close to usual.

Tell me the goal



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