What is the Japanese image from a Chinese perspective?

Many Chinese tourists visit Japan every year, and some Chinese seem to use their insights while traveling to Japan to find out what kind of country Japan is through their own experiences. Today’s head article of the Chinese media recently published an article claiming that Japanese tourists have a prominent feature of duality, such as “warmth and coldness” and “self-control and liberation”. .

The article is about the “coldness” that Chinese passengers felt strongly during their trip to Japan, and that Japanese people felt that there was an implicit rule of distance between people. The introduction and analysis analyzed that it may have arisen from the principle of Japanese emphasis on “not to bother people”. Such a sense of distance seems to be “cold” and “cold” to the Chinese.

However, he explained that Japanese people also have “warmth” at the same time, and introduced an episode at a camera repair shop that stopped by a camera failure during a trip. The staff at the repair shop did not speak Chinese, and even though it took 5 days to repair, he introduced him as a very friendly person and suggested another first aid.

He also said that he was pleased with the excitement when the proposal was successful, saying, “When you really need help, the Japanese will consider your situation and use your best efforts to help you.” Acclaimed. Based on these emotions, he argued that the cold Japanese relationships are not the essence of the Japanese, but the Japanese inner soul is actually warm.

In addition, Japanese business people are self-restrained in terms of speech and behavior in the daytime, but they explain that they become retired as soon as they get drunk at night. He also stated that Japan has a culture that is a fusion of the East and the West. From this point of view, the term “two-sidedness” is the most suitable for explaining the Japanese.


There seems to be a Japanese image.

It often feels like a foreign traveler ’s impression,

Japanese people are kind.
Japan is wonderful.

Is said, but

Real Japanese are n’t so warm, right?

The behavior may be polite,

There are still back and front,

The contents are chilled out, right? | Ω ・)

Aside from whether these characteristics are good or bad,

The expression “two-sidedness” mentioned above is

Is n’t it perfect?

Well seal one personality,

I think there are many people who have accumulated stress.

Actually it is not gentle



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