[Relationship] to to cut off the rich

“Common points” that you can see when you go to a rich house

You can see it when you go to a rich house, but you can see that there are few things in the room. On the contrary, let’s approach from the thought characteristics and behavior characteristics of poor people.

As I heard from an acquaintance’s psychiatrist, people who are full of things in their homes are supported by the state that there is something. These people are vulnerable to unexpected events, tend to be more anxious and fear change. It is also this type that is easy to pass to the visible thing of qualification acquisition.

You don’t need the rich, you can throw away the extra anxiety

Also, there are many people who can’t throw away things because they are obsessed with things and are afraid of upfront investment and can’t give to others. They also tend to avoid risky challenges because they fear being lost.

People who buy new products and use them as storage fertilizers are easy to heat up, cool down, and easy to be danced to, and tend to lack the ability to think and persevere with their heads. It seems that these people often live a life that is random and poorly arranged.

The same is true for money.

For example, can you make a good judgment on what you need and what you do not need? Do you have the decision-making power to cut off and cut losses? Can you enjoy the change? Can you take a new challenge by taking a risk?

It seems that you can see your stance on money and life depending on whether your house is full of things.


The rich home seems to be orderly.
Simply because the house is large

I think there is also a reason,

It may be clear what is needed and what is not.

There is no point in purchasing something you don’t use.

It may be understood unconsciously.

I do n’t know the authenticity,

It seems worth trying to imitate the mind.

Because you can



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