Lonely gourmet [Season8] broadcast decision‼

On October 19, it turned out that a new series “Season8” of TV Tokyo ’s popular drama “Gourmet of Solitude”, starring actor Yutaka Matsushige (56), will be broadcast from October. Revived for the first time in a year and a half since “Season7” in the last April.

The re-broadcast “Lunch Selection, Drama 24, Solitude Gourmet Review Review Season 7 Episode 7” (after 0.40), a telop of “Lonely Gourmet October Season 8 broadcast decided!” Was displayed. On the Internet, “Congratulations”, “Is it really!”, “I ca n’t wait”, “I have a reason to live after October”, “I am impressed by Ryoichi now,” and so on.

A gourmet documentary drama that visualizes comics of the same name (original, Masayuki Kusumi, drawing, Jiro Taniguchi), which are irregularly serialized in “Weekly SPA!” Beginning in 2012, Goro Inokashira (Matsushige), who operates an imported miscellaneous merchant and visits various towns for commercial purposes, draws a meal at a restaurant where he stopped by.

“Season7” won the “The Most Popular Foreign Drama of the Year” (the most popular overseas drama) at the Korean Drama Award “Seoul Drama Award 2018” last September.

It is one of the signage dramas of the same station, such as the Omisoka Special broadcast with live broadcast parts in 17-18 years.


The lonely gourmet broadcast has been decided.

Because of Season 8,

You can ask how the sequel is expected.

If you’ve seen previous works, you’ll understand.

The flow of development is somewhat common,

I’m tired of watching

Is n’t it?

And naturally I want to see it next week.

I’m looking forward to it.

I am hungry



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