Aori man, in the past [hospital history]⁉

Fumio Miyazaki, a company officer who was arrested by the Ibaraki Prefectural Police for alleged injuries and concealment of criminals for driving the car on the Joban Expressway in Moriya City, Ibaraki Prefecture, 43) and company partner Natsuko Kimoto (51) both suspects. When Miyazaki was surrounded by many police officers on the street near his condominium on the 18th, he shouted and resisted violently.

43 years old man’s violent history Neighbor troubles and arrests in confinement cases

“Please let me appear. I don’t want to get in the car. I wasn’t charged with confinement for reasons that weren’t good enough for me. I don’t like it because I have very bitter memories at the police station. I don’t want to get in the car like this. I don’t know what to do inside. ”

As he says, Miyazaki was arrested in March last year on suspicion of confining a taxi driver in Kyoto.

“In the morning, I took a taxi in Osaka, told the driver where I was going, and moved around several places. The driver seemed to be able to escape if he wanted to escape, but he left the car and escaped The person himself said, “I will die when I get out of the car” or something that I can’t understand, and in the evening he continued to shout the driver until he was arrested at a convenience store in Kyoto. I had an obsession with “I am being chased by an organization” or “I will be killed when I get down.” ”

Later, a talk was made with the driver, and Miyazaki was not charged.

“I was admitted to a psychiatric hospital immediately after the disposition. I had emotional instability for about 10 years and sometimes took intimidating attitudes to people during high tension. It wasn’t a second time, but he managed a rental and consulting company for his own apartment in Higashi-Sumiyoshi-ku, Osaka and Chuo-ku in the same city. It seems that the business other than the leasing business was not very smooth, and he lived on rent income.Kimoto seemed to get acquainted about half a year ago. I lived in another room “(acquaintance man)

It has become clear that the two were not only “driving” but also threatening and threatening employees at restaurants in Osaka. It ’s a terrible and bad Kramer couple.

Information on the driving man came out.

It seems that there was a history of hospitalization because it was strange mentally.

This man is a company manager and was riding a luxury car,

There was a point that did not fall into the trap.

It is not very rich.

In the video of the first tilt drive, that kind of rich feeling was also seen,

Other than that, somehow common,

When I was caught, it was suspicious but common,

The female appearance is the same.

Although he was a manager, he may not have much room.

Well, you are not ready to work before that.

However, while having the illusion of being aimed around,

Driving a car,
Eating out is a mystery.

I think the big problem is that anxiety and behavior do not match.

It may be morbid,

It ’s true that you ’re talking with Goo,

It is not at all acceptable.

Because it was ready to drive.

First admit



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